Our Pastoral Staff

  • Pastoral Assistant

    Mason Depew

    Our pastoral assistant, Mason Depew, holds a B.A. from Arizona State University and an M.Div from Westminster Seminary California. He completed several internships at churches in multiple states. Mason and his wife Hannah were recently overjoyed to have their firstborn son, Theodore, in April 2022. Mason’s favorite quote from Theodore Beza, after whom the Depews’ son is named, is this: “We divide this Word into two principal parts or kinds: the one is called the ‘Law’, the other the ‘Gospel’. For all the rest can be gathered under the one or other of these two headings…Ignorance of this distinction between Law and Gospel is one of the principal sources of the abuses which corrupted and still corrupt Christianity.” Mason hopes to maintain this distinction and expound the Law and Gospel of God in as much of their fullness as the Spirit makes him able to do. He currently preaches about once a month, teaches Sunday School, leads the prayer meeting, and helps lead Sunday morning worship at Church of the Redeemer.

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