Lloyd Jackson Lectures

On May 4-5 Dr. Fred Sanders will present lectures in memory of Lloyd Jackson.

Dr. Sanders is a systematic theologian who studies and teaches across the entire range of classic Christian doctrine but with a special focus on the doctrine of the Trinity. He has been Associate Professor of Theology in the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University since 1999. A popular blogger and speaker, Dr. Sanders has written, edited, or contributed to several books, including The Deep Things of God. He blogs at www.scriptoriumdaily.com. He and his wife Susan live in La Mirada with their two children.

Saturday, May 4 at 9:00 AM: The Trinity in the Bible

Saturday, May 4 at 10:15 AM: The Trinity in Salvation

Saturday, May 4 at 1:00 PM: The Trinity in the Christian Life

Sunday, May 5, Worship at 10:30 AM: The Blessing of the Triune God (Ephesians 1:3-14)