Hal Thompson – Chairman

Hal was born and raised in Amarillo, TX where in his youth he pursued a life of sin and dissolution. In his college years God granted him repentance. The mid 70’s was an amazing and confusing time for a young Christian with no real grounding as the Charismatic Movement was in full swing and The Late Great Planet Earth was jumping off the shelves. But another movement was also underway to counter the false doctrines with the great biblical doctrines such as justification by faith. The great Calvinist professor S. Lewis Johnson was at Dallas Seminary in those days, and by God’s grace and kind providence Hal soon fell in with students of his. The world of Warfield, Charles Hodge, and Calvin was opened up, and Hal began to see more and more the love of God and the marvels of the work of Christ. Hal was blessed to study Greek and Hebrew at Believers’ Chapel in Dallas and has continued to study and teach the Scriptures. Hal has been at Church of the Redeemer since moving to Phoenix in 1993 with his wife and three children.

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