Dennis Black

Dennis was born and raised in a Christian family in southwest Colorado. His commitment to Christ came early at about seven years of age. The early years were easy, attending weekly Sunday School and Church. In High School, part-time work after school and weekends became a distraction to church attendance. The time was the 1960’s, in which all of its turbulence and cultural changes were to be lived. Two years into college the draft took him to Vietnam. He was to leave a newly wedded wife but came home to her, and it’s now been some 45-years together.

After Vietnam and year on the East Coast they moved back to Colorado, raised two sons, attended church regularly, and taught Jr. High and High School classes for several years. Dennis also taught a men’s weekly Bible study. A year or so before moving to Mesa, AZ in 1984, an itinerant Baptist preacher and former evangelist, moved to their town. Earlier in his life of preaching and teaching, he came to understand the Reformed faith as taught by John Calvin. The Baptist Church was not having any of his new, but old doctrine, so he preached in small groups and taught Bible studies. Dennis and his wife sat under his teaching and found a stronger faith and clearer appreciation of God’s sovereignty and His forgiveness of all of their sins, past, present and future.

In Arizona, they moved from church to church the first few years, trying to find a home in which the Reformed faith was taught and preached as its underlying foundation, framework, and capstone. It has been about 20 years now that they have attended Church of the Redeemer, Mesa, AZ, where the Reformed faith and confessions are its center of attention. Church of the Redeemer is their home and place of service to Jesus Christ, our prophet, priest and king, in whom the redemption of his people is eternally accomplished. For we all are not of this world, but are only pilgrims passing through.

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