Lloyd Jackson Memorial Lectures delivered in October, 2010 by Dr. R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary California.

The Need for Reformation

Dr. R. Scott Clark
A council meets and declares that the church is “corrupt in head and members.” Ministers are found in the company of prostitutes and not for the purpose of evangelizing them. Salvation is for sale and the devout are hoping for a mystical experience or to accumulate enough righteousness to be able to stand before God. Such were the headlines in the 16th century before Reformation and they are once again the headlines of our day.

The Joy of Being Reformed

Dr. R. Scott Clark
The Reformed faith is a grand faith because it begins with the sovereign, triune God who has graciously saved his people, at his own expense. It is grand because that same gracious, sovereign God completes the work he began in Christ Jesus. In this session we’ll explore five reasons why believers should embrace the Reformed faith.

The Pattern of Being Reformed

Dr. R. Scott Clark
There is an exciting but sometimes confusing renewal of interest in being Reformed. It’s exciting because thousands of people are discovering or rediscovering the doctrines of grace. It is confusing, however, because as one of the leaders of this movement of “young, restless, and reformed” folks recently said, they have “historical amnesia.” There is a biblical, historical, and confessional pattern for Reformed theology, piety, and practice.

Questions and Answers

Dr. R. Scott Clark

The Ground of Justification

Dr. R. Scott Clark: Sunday Worship