About Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer is a Confessional and Reformed congregation committed to the gospel of Christ Jesus as it was proclaimed by the Apostles, preserved by the Holy Spirit, and reclaimed by the Reformation.

Church of the Redeemer exists to glorify the Triune God by proclaiming the whole counsel of God as taught in Scripture. We are a confessional Reformed congregation. We are committed to equipping and edifying this body of believers for worship and service to Him and to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ so that the kingdom of God will be more fully realized in this community and throughout the world.

Church of the Redeemer exists to reconcile sinners to God the Father through His Son by faith alone, inspired by the ministry of the word and sacrament. We are a confessional reformed congregation who holds to the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation. We are committed to establishing the faith and discipleship of this body that we will worship Him and serve our neighbors in love, that the kingdom of God will be more clearly seen in the midst of His people.

Please read our Confessional Standards for more details.